​From the Scriptures of the Mind;The Voice of Ahriman


I’ve deemed it appropriate to every now and again do a retelling of the contents of my not so public journal. This will be the first of such an endeavour. Since these accounts will be of things I’ve long written, I though opening with a preface would help to move things along and set them in context.

So I begin with the book I refer to as my not so public journal. I call this book, ‘Scriptures of the Mind.’ As with all books, there is a history about the book itself separate from the contents therein. I’ll briefly recount this history. I first dedicated a book exclusively to my reflective writings around September 2007. I collated all my previous writings into one collection and titled it Scriptures of the Mind out of a poetic flourish. The significance of this time was when I started University; but that was not the main significance. The new environment was the playground of my grand experiment in altering my personality, the biggest I had to then undertaken. I thought it convenient to gather all my writings in one place for later analysis. A little less than a year into my so called existential experiment, I decided one evening to do some light reflective reading.  To say the least, I was horrified of what I read. I thought no way could I have written these things, a demon must have done it. And oh, I assure you, I indeed thought a demon had indeed written it; the most deceptive of creatures, scheming well into the inner depths of my unconscious trying to convince me that we are the same. I was not having any of this madness, so I thought I must burn this book. It would have been rather peculiar of me to be lighting fires on the hall 3am in the night so I opted to discard of the book in the garbage bin next to my room A7. I was rather glad to be rid of the horrendous thing.  The goings on of life continued quite unhindered. The first book I called Scriptures of the Mind is lost in time; the content of its pages dissolved away like tears in the rain. I will not ever be sure what I had been thinking about between 2007 and 2009, I however do remember the things I did. As the face of the devil I saw, that will remain quite a mystery because I’ve not been able to replicate that reaction. It could quite possibly be that those demons are now merely pets.

Luckily in around 2009, I stumbled into yet another reflective streak and started writing again. The second collection of my writings I again titled Scriptures of the Mind; that book I have still to this day. One can call that the second iteration, this being the third. You see, before I started to gather my writings into one book, I started writing rather uncoordinatedly on whatever I had at hand. The place I had often written the most was my physics note book; that I did not banish to the fires and still have to this day. Along with my doodles on my sketch pads and incomplete stories, in 2009 I had more or less all the materials to reproduce what I had collected in the first Scriptures of the Mind. However there is a gap between 2007 and 2009. The first entry of my not so public journal starting in 2009 was one I wrote in dedication to Nietzsche. Thus Spoke Zarathustra is my favourite text of Nietzsche; and possibly my favourite text of all time but that’s a harder call to make. In a way one can think of 2009 as my second great existential experiment. The age of coming to terms with the contents of one’s mind; and there was a devil to contend with. The Great Dragon as termed in the poetic flourish of Nietzsche was whom the load bearing spirit had to do battle with in the desert and become the ‘I Will’; the dragon being ‘Thou Shall’.  It seemed appropriate than that my second retelling of the Scriptures of the mind started with doing the work of the devil; a demon I was once afraid of but not so much anymore. Not only did I find new appreciation of John Milton and William Blake at the time but I also discovered Atto Rank’s writings. This being my third telling, the devil again came into view with James Baldwin’s The Devil Finds Work. With all that said so begins the first scripture of the mind written eight years ago on February 9, 2009.

The Voice of Ahriman

Long has it been since the utterances of the Lord been heard through the voices of man. Longer still has it been since I have spoken thus. In utter contempt did I stand when a voice descended upon the ancestors of man (Mensch) and declared; “I am the Lord, I change not.” But by whose grace and nature of things that is, this is so? So I speak to man neither as their Lord nor one who has come to condemn but, as the Divine antagonist.

Long before the dawn of man there were battles between the Divine Ones. Out from the eternal struggles sprung forth creation and all creating things – beings that themselves are creators. The Divine Ones know not the source of all creating and likewise as man, both searches for answers. Far within the far reaches of creation did the Divine Ones seek and stumbled upon Mensch as if like a grand discovery. So it was that the search for the source of all creating brought together man and the Divine Ones. Weary of the eternal struggles and mans role in it, those in the court of the Divine designated themselves Gods unto man and contrived the prospect of Eternal Peace. They sought to create a new Heaven and a new Earth. Mensch was to be the instrument of this plan for they were likened to a rod unto the Divine Ones, one to separate Gods from Devils; man being the great dividers of the Divine. Mensch thus became the most treasured of all creating things among the Divine but man was radical. Mensch was like a sword of fire that was continually in motion; not even the most skilled of sword masters could wield them. Mensch had to be tamed for them to be controlled! Mensch was a wild beast still in their infancy yet they conformed to the laws that governed creation – each man was unlike the other – the process of differentiation. This differénce can be deemed the law of change.

In the eyes of Mensch, the time of the Divine Ones appears to be from eternity hitherto. Hence as a witness of eternity I shall tell you this; never have there been a moment where it was uttered “let there be” by any of the Divine Ones. Things merely appeared and vanished as “it is”. So it was for man so too it was for the Divine Ones. The things brought into being were done so by works and crafts but man was not the work of the Divine Ones, they were not their craft. The origin of Mensch and the origin of the Divine Ones are clouded in the same mystery to each. What is not so mysterious is the will of each to create according to their inclination to differentiate. If there was to come a time of the eternally unchanging then there would be no more creating; the bottle of existence would become stagnant and dead.

All things change, even the Divine. It is those ones among us who wish to usher in an eternity of stillness – the timeless and immortal – that wish to halt all things. Gods promise eternity by erecting in the place of beings that create, an era of the ever living or the ever dead with no bridge between them – the bridge of change. Take your pick for this eternity has neither birth nor death but only stillness. This is the dream of a new Heaven and a new Earth. It was for this dream was the powers of Mensch called upon – their nature tamed and powers circumscribed; to bring forth an unchanging peace was man segregated, some set aside and a voice said unto them, “you are the chosen ones”. The chosen multitudes were guided into the garden where they were to become the creators of this new Earth and the sword for the creation of a new Heaven. It is the chosen who sang the tales of the First Man and from those tales sprung forth their doctrines.

From the realms of the Divine Ones, we the antagonists came unto Mensch to tell them of the lie. It was then that the eternal struggles of the Divine Ones became the earthly struggles of man. There is no innocence on my part nor is there any on the part of those who call themselves Gods. I need not be a witness for this lack of innocence for it has been witnessed by man themselves. I bore you not with doctrines of good and evil nor right and wrong for there are no such things in nature; those are mere products of beings that are themselves creative. The law of the change allows no absolutes, creating doesn’t just occur in pairs but in multitudes. Gods are not eternally nor absolutely good, neither I eternally nor absolutely evil. So powerful is the law of change that it cannot be hindered by the Devine ones alone, for such a task the powers of Mensch is required.

Power is to the Divine as power is to Mensch; the capacity and ability of creating. Some might ask of themselves, since “change” can seemingly be hindered therefore creating can likewise be hindered. Would not this hindrance of what is to come – the hindrance of this new Heaven and Earth nothing other than destroying. In this manner Ahriman would simply be the embodiment an antagonist of creating process at work; would I not be the Destroyer. Responding to such an accusation I would say unto you, I am indeed the destroyer and so is Mensch my fellow destroyers. Those that create cannot help but to also destroy, we are all creative destroyers for there cannot be creating without destroying nor destroying without creating. Creation can never be destroyed for in destroying, something anew is created, and such is the mystery of the source of all creating. Still, some might question that if “change” can itself be hindered then there can exist the “unchanging” and since the source of creating permits it then the Gods would be ‘just’ in their pursuit of unchanging peace – a panacea for the eternal struggles – this New Heaven and New Earth. Of this I tell you that you have failed to see the wisdom within my words. There is no such thing in nature such as ‘just’ but rather “just” is only a product of a creative being. What is just for one may not be just for the other. What is ‘just’ for the Gods may not be ‘just’ for Mensch; man must create for themselves their own justice.

Furthermore, it is the nature of us Devine Ones that there exists an eternal struggle, for each seek to create what the other in their own creations may destroy. Of all the talk of innocence and power, I must confess that I have also sought the creative power of Mensch to usher in a new era of the eternal struggle of the Divine Ones and put to rest the dream of creating a state of unchanging. Likewise as the Gods made Mensch their ante, I have sought to wield the sword that is Mensch to cut down Gods – for if channelled properly man can become God killers. The Divine Ones have failed to extinguish each other because they themselves are creative beings of similar nature; likewise man has failed to extinguish each other. Fear not my fellow Mensch of being extinguished by the Divine Ones but guard yourselves from being wielded. I speak to Mensch as neither demon nor angel but as a fellow creative being; as an equal. Mensch must remember that they are creative beings of the earth and also subjects of thy own eternal struggles.

The struggles of Mensch arise since each man is unlike the other; they abide by the laws of creating source like all creating things. Many trials have Mensch hitherto faced because of their creations and many still yet to come. All creating things originate from the source and if one’s creation possesses such a power to create things that in turn can be creative, one is likened to the source of creation itself for the source is within all things. The Source of creation transcends all creating things and is said to be found within them. Take heed Mensch, one cannot partake in the eternal struggles of the Divine Ones but rather stay true to the Earthly struggles of man. Man can only partake of the existence of man and only when man surpasses themselves can they share that which is of the Divine. Only by creating can man be on his journey to surpass man, the Ubermensch can only be of man’s own creating otherwise it will not be man.

Long has man bestowed their creations upon the shoulders of devils and gods, but they are of man’s own creating; their creations of devils and gods! I speak unto you a devil because I have been created as such. When have you Mensch ever heard the voice of God or the Devil’s not as the voice of a man? Accusers of God, worshipers of the Devil, non believers of anything Divine, what do you lack? Nothing, I say for you are also of the creative source. These preachers of righteousness, diviners of truth and unchanging ones stubborn in their ways are also creative beings. Of all, it is the unchanging ones who are the creatures of sin for it is in their denial of the nature of man, and the subjugation of man by segregation have they sinned. Thus you see creating is also the struggle of man. In your creating, may Mensch one day create something greater than man! Accept it or not, Mensch is subjected to the laws of change. Those bent on destruction also create for many have set out to destroy doctrines and beliefs and ended up creating new ones. Many have tried not to partake in creating by remaining stagnant and unmoved: so called true to self, but they are themselves creators of resistance and fallacies. All things arise from creating; it is Mensch who has created their world, not Gods or Devils but gods and devils Mensch have created themselves. It may be that creation arose out of a myriad of things – a primordial order. Be it may that creation is merely a coming forth from that which has no differentiation; and the mystery is the source from which all things cometh. Still, it may be that there is no source at all but the power to create is as we have come to know it!


Written by: Vincent C. McDonald

A Tribute to Friedrich Nietzsche


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