​On the Exhalation of the Hypocrite

Pretense for many brings comfort and reassurance. Play-acting is a thing of social appreciation but only when one is aware that the other is an actor. On the other hand, the Hypocrite is derided as the most deplorable of actors. But aren’t we all actors of some sorts within the play of normalcy? When last have you unveiled the curtains and revealed the stage upon which you dance a choreographed piece not of your making or reading a script not of your writing? Aren’t we all actors, inheritors of scripts and of conventions. For without such things what remain is the very refutation of normalcy; what remains is the absurdity of the real. The real will always be strange because it is the most ordinary of all things.

A Hypocrite pretends to have morals or values that they do not truly possess or practice. A Hypocrite says one thing and does another or does one thing and says another. But what propels a being to do this? To conceal is the answer, to maintain the pretense and not shatter worlds.  The hypocrite plays the role of a villian as seen in their derision by society. You will find that calling them hypocrites adds no disdain to their performance, they gladly accept it with acknowledgement and continue their act-they embrace their hypocrisy. It is a necessary role they play, a role that reassures those that engage them: ‘I’m glad I’m not like them’ they say withing themselves. The show continues. The normalcy of hypocrisy assured. The concealment that all are actors in a play of pretense goes on. To unveil all this is to be a disrupter of the art, a disrupter of normalcy, a destroyer of worlds.

If the curtains were to shift  ever so slightly  and reveal the strangeness of reality to an unlucky actor, what a tragedy his life would become. For he must choose between continuing the show or indulge his curiosity. The most selfish of indulgence it would be for he would spoil the fun of all. And so too he becomes a hypocrite. Refusing to be a destroyer. This, should be the hypocrite I wish to  extol for they have taken tragedy upon themselves for the benefit of all. These are the heroes in the shadows; defenders from the dark tragedies of life. They too, know their role as hypocrites  but it is only known to them. They dare not betray the masses by revealing what they hide,  even though it may save themselves; their battle must be done alone.  Their heroism is that of the superhero, for they must adorn a mask and conceal themselves. They are twice hidden; a concealment within a concealment; a role within a role; an actor acting as an actor. No one will ever know such a hypocrite for they can only know themselves.

What then I ask,  necessitates the role of hypocrites? To that I answer, it is for the preservation of order.  For order breaths unity as written within the script – the pages of convention. The hypocrite  that says one thing and does the contrary wish to take first but also bestow. They take from you the material but bestow upon you the spiritual- obstacles they are to you. Liars and Villians they are. They see that,  what you have is great but your mind is weak, your possessions will  destroy you. That you live not by a will of your own but by the favor of gods. So they play the role of villians that  you may overcome. So you can be reassured by the favor of your God in overcoming haters- to be reassured within yourself so you may once again roll that bolder up the hill.

The hypocrite  that does one thing and says nothing lies only to their own hearts. They wish only to be givers. Bestowers of order, they give all the reassurance that others seek, yet they have non of their own. Of great will are these hypocrites, deserving the title of superheroes.  Alone they must endure, relying only on themselves to overcome, no villian of their own but their own shadows.  Great strength they have and of this mental fortitude they also give freely to others so they too may also overcome but no one gives to them. And so as they bestow great joy, within themselves they have great sorrow yet the show must go on.

Hypocrites guard against the great unraveling, the maintainers of order, protectors from the agents of chaos; bestowers  of the sacred. Would you care to meet such a one who is not a hypocrite ? Oh such a strange one would they be; violators of tradition. They are dangerous beings for they live by their own law.

Hypocrites are the protectors of all you hold sacred. Protectors of the status quo; true superheroes indeed.

What then of I? I am the greatest Hypocrite of them all.

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