Myth of the Moon Daughter

Long there has been tales of the begotten son: the son that is his own father, the first and the last of all luminaries; the God Sun. So it is that there is a son, there is also a daughter. Twins they are. She was the first and last of all luminaries; the God Moon. Just as it is said that the son dwells in the house of the father, the daughter can be said to dwell in the house of the mother; yet still the daughter is the kin of the father. In like, she is also the kin of the mother. The daughter is the product of the first union of the Great Mother and Great Father while the son was begotten through a virgin. The son took upon himself, the name of the father and dwelt only in his father’s house. The daughter being of the union of the two great ones, took upon herself the names of both the father and mother; she dwelt in both houses in part. The son only knowing one house knew his sister as being from the house of The Mother. The daughter being of two houses cares for her mother’s house and her father’s house alike, the son cares only for one.  The countenance of the siblings was never one of opposition since no opposites exist in life and they were of the living. But they were indeed different, the son knowing only one house became a wanderer, an adventurer. The daughter knowing many houses was wise in the ways of worlds and rather to look for things to come, things that have not yet been.


With the gift of sight that is bestowed from the house of the father, the daughter saw into things that have yet to be made manifest. Her father’s house was of the light and with what it bestowed, her brother saw all things that was and is. Being that the house of the mother was dark and of the void, the daughter got the gift to hear all things therein. She could listen from within the void and hear all things and yet still she could hear even more. She could hear the stirring of things beyond the void and the rattling in her father’s house. In her departure from either of the houses, with her gifts the daughter could be summoned forth by cries and wailings for her ears are the keenest of all things. It is the coming of the daughter in these times of bemoaning and lamentation that she becomes victory for the wailers. So it is that the wailers may call her Victoria, Oshun, Nike, Oba – she goes by many names as it is with the children of the primordial ones.
Structure of chaos
The Great Mother (Amunet/Mut) in eternal union with The Great Father (Amun-Ra/Keb) together are called upon as one by the name of Amu or Kemu. They begat the twin Sin and Nanna, the sun and moon; the son dwelt only in the house the father had built, the daughter dwelt in both the house her father built and the one her mother built. So it is that the daughter Akemu is deemed the twice born for she was of two houses, she was indeed a product of the union of Amunet (Great Mother) and Amun-Ra (Great Father). The son, being of only one house is said to be born of a virgin, the son and the father are said to be one. Akemu being of the house of her mother is sometimes called the Daughter of Primordial Chaos. When the daughter dwells in the house of her father she is called Aten, the light of Ra. Although she did not burn like the fires of her brother for he dwelt in the house of his father alone, Aten shone brightly still for she was of the house of her father – a house of light, a house of the luminaries. Aten was the rays of the sun, her brother the fire. When the daughter dwell in the house of the mother she is called Anuket, the waters of Net. Within her mother’s house, Anuket is surrounded by all the primordial waters and with it she nourishes all things, she is the waves of the sea. Those that traverse the depths call upon her as Atar. She illuminates things above as Aten and below as Atar. The daughter gives light when the sun is on high and when it has gone below, she illuminates dark waters and nourishes it, she who is twice born and dwell in two houses, it is she they also call Atemu.

So it is that the sun goes over the world and under the world to rejuvenate it, so also does the moon goes over the world and under it. Where the sun brings warmth as a gift, the moon brings the water; the son brings the Cintamani as a gift, the daughter brings the Elixir. Atemu is the protector of cities and the deliverer of slaves. She hastens to anywhere there are cries of torment; there she teaches the tormented crafts of trapping their enemies- devils and demons alike. When brought to wroth she washes away all into the void of nothingness. She cast those that raise their swords against the city into oblivion; she is the saviour. As time moves ever forward and the world grows old, Atemu must descend under the world so she may protect it from all that lurks there and bring back gifts to rejuvenate it. It is said that Atemu’s battles are like dances with the wild things of the deep, so graceful is she. Merciful she is also for the beings of the abyss are lured by her whereupon she uses her crafts to ensnare and trap them instead of casting them into oblivion, beyond the world. No being can escape her nets which are of the primordial ones. In the dark places Atemu is said to be able to overcome even the Great Dragon, for the fires of the dragon could not burn her since she was of the house of the Great Mother.


There is no greater danger to all things living than the Great Dragon. Along with its horde, it wishes to devour all the luminaries. Both son and daughter must defend the world against it. To this end the son is titled the Dragon Slayer; he is the hero of legends. The daughter is titled the Dragon Tamer; she is the heroine of legends. In one great battle with the Great Dragon it is said that her blood ran hot, as hot as the flames of her brother. Since she was encircled by the primordial waters, she could withstand the flames of the dragon and Atemu’s waters became as fire, hot like the very flames of the dragon she battled and so she could have easily slew the dragon with its own fire. But Atemu was merciful and wise, since being of both houses she knew a myriad of things and ways not yet brought into being. Thus she used her flaming waters and encircled the dragon, trapping it. The more it fought, the more its own fire became its prison. Whence come the wisdom of Atemu? It is from her abode in the house of her mother that she developed a sight with no need of eyes. Since her mother’s house was not of the light but of water which had depths no light could reach, such it was that Atemu heard all things. So acute was her hearing that she could hear the music beyond the world and the music in the world. It was to this music that Atemu danced gracefully. So it is, so it was that even in battle Atemu danced and her movements may even sooth a trapped dragon and in so taming it.


The world came to be by the coming together of the Great Mother and the Great Father – Amu. Amu was thus the world and the world was one, coming forth out of many. But before the coming together, the Great Mother and Great Father courted by singing a great song. It was the song of all things that was, all things to be and will be. This song was sung beyond the world because the world came to be within the song – in the embrace of the great mother and great father. So it is that all things are within the song, each thing arising according to its own chord. This was the song of Iluvatar.  So keen are the ears of Atemu that she can hear the music of Iluvatar whether she is over the world or under the world. It is in her discernment of the chords of the music comes the wisdom of Atemu; so keen are her ears that if she listens the music beyond the world she can see the potential of all things through the music. The son suffers not the voices of demons but the daughter suffers the voices of all – demons and angels alike. It is thus that the daughter is the redeemer of all, from the depths and from the heights she can deliver you. She is the trapper and tamer, unlike her brother who is the slayer and down caster. She is the preserver of life for even a wretched life she can deliver by the charm of her taming.


Upon her quest to the underworld and in her battle with the Great Dragon, under the protection of her waters Atemu listens keenly to the music of Iluvatar. To each note and unto each chord she pace her steps, she moves to the music. She takes care not to miss a beat for in so doing, the dragon may devour her. To listen to the music of life yet move out of sync with it, one invites discord. So it is that she dances for her life in the battle with dragons, but this dance also beguiles the dragon for as it gazes upon her, it sways to her motion. In the swaying of the dragon as it watches Atemu dance, the dragon may yet again come into one accord with the music of Iluvatar. This is how Atemu may bring back wretched beasts into harmony with the music of life, it is so that she is the redeemer. By dancing in accordance with the music does she win her battles and is thus victory (Victoria). In the underworld, when she dances she is the only star that shines for she is of her father’s house still – house of the luminaries.

Wand of Seshat

As time moves ever forward and the world still grows, Atemu must ascend overworld where she is to work along her brother. Here her brother shines the brightest and dwarfs her in glory. Still, Atemu keeps watch over the cities of man so not to invite disorder and tyranny. She liberates slaves and council the wise. When her brother is away, she watches the night. She brings the waters of life to all those who yearn for it and move travellers over seas. Atemu is also a warrior for she stands guard to her brother lest the serpents devour him. Whenever in need of assistance, she can summon in aid all the wild things she had tamed. If brought to wroth she can call forth her dragon and upon it she rides to rain down fire on those that transgress. In the overworld, Atemu is best known by the light of the moon for the sun rules the day. Atemu rules the night and more so the seas. The traveller who traverses great distances may walk under the covers of night, to such travellers Atemu appear to them as a guiding light illuminating the path forward.  If our travellers must rest, they may learn of crafts that uncover water in the wilderness; if our travellers may sleep, they learn crafts that guard them from wild things. Such it is that for those that move through untrodden places, knows Atemu by her many names for she walks with them. Those that travel by night and may encounter wild bests of which they may capture and tame; if they are thirsty they may drink and if they must fight they will have light and victory. All these things Atemu provides unto travellers. Thus it is that she is also called The Provider.

So as travellers may venture into untrodden lands, they may settle upon new places and seek to build cities. The first builders must build in wild places and thus the first builders erected walled gardens. Therein they rely on the collective wisdom of the travellers before them since they are now settlers; to this end there are those that preserve the wisdom of travellers – Griots they are called. The settlers first build along  canals, streams and rivers so they may still drink from the wells of life, they tame wild plants so they may grow their own food – in all these things they take heed not to forget the provider of all this wisdom passed down through their elders. Thus it is that Atemu was also called Nanna, wisdom of the Elders. She is the mother of all settlers. As settler came to know all the lands their eyes met, they then looked to the seas. Again with their now ancient wisdom of untrodden places they took on the seas in travels. With their old crafts they pluck forth fish from the depths, captured water from the heavens and rode the waves of the oceans. Just as the sun burned in the heavens yet still it poured out water, so too does a fire burn in the depths of the seas. The ancient sailors knew of an invisible fire. To them, just as the sun gave life from above with its warmth, so too there was a fire that burned in the waters that gave life to all things that lived in the depths. Thus it is that Atemu was also called Atar. She is the grandmother of all sailors.

With every land settled, with every sea that was traveled, with every civilisation that was built, Atemu was there. To each manifestation thereof, she was given a new name. Such it was for her so too for her brother; the sun and the moon shone high over all life; the God -Sun and the God-Moon.  For the travellers of far-flung and dark places, for the tamers of wild things and trappers of dragons; for divers of the depths and fishers of the seas, the twice born and repositories of wisdom– it is to them that the Moon Daughter is known the most.

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    1. I see where you going lol. Haven’t reach there yet. Had another piece to expound on this that I’ve been thinking to call Lost Ones. Just as Osiris had Set and Marduk had Kingu etc. The Moon Daughter has an aspect of herself she must battle. A Siren would be one instance of that aspect yes.


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