From the Scriptures of the Mind;The Redemptive Self

Having looked deeply into one’s self and recognises the errors of their ways the old mantra that ‘to move a short distance, one must go along way’, becomes poignant. Through such a task some may even find what they did not know was even missing; searching for what they did not have, only to return to a home they have forgotten. Having returned to the same place that they abandoned along time ago, now one returns in contentment. This is the peace that we should all seek.

Such realisations are like lightening to a mind acting as a rod. Leaving all those that were blind with the ability of vision. Those that dwell in a place saddened by loneliness will be driven to leave but eventually they will one day return there to find it is not so lonely after-all.

Can a person become lost on a journey to their own home? Those whose spirit have been broken suffer this kind of predicament. But those who have been broken and become anew gains a greater strength, it is they who then rediscover their old home. They have discovered themselves, a self that was previously absent from what they called home. Hence, they went on a journey searching, only to return to the same place with fresh eyes. For they have seen the secrets of the scriptures of the mind and read from the passages of their own thoughts. No longer running from themselves. They have come to terms with the contents of their own mind.

How wonderful it is to be back in a place that you were once stricken by loneliness but now the essence of your own being keeps you company. Where there was only ‘you’, there is now ‘I and I’. Now the you have found contentment within the self. All your intentions and thoughts revealed. Such is the redemptive power of the self. There is no other divine meaning to life but this. No ritual of worship other than to treat yourself as you would the Earth; feed the Earth the same tea that you would feed the self.

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