On the War of Ideas

I’m a pacifist at heart but I prefer the rhetoric of war.

For my very thoughts lay siege to the world around me.
There is no peace in the realm of ideology.

It is the duty of the sage to kill the one bearing olive branches.

And even if the sage thinks of the self as possessing something sacred;
Then that thing must be brought forth into the light of the world and be hated.

In the war of ideas nothing is forbidden, everything is permitted.

The only thing we should fear is to die without leaving a mark.
Live in conflict with your equals and with yourselves; minds ever sharp.

Walk through the fiery pits of hell with gunpowder strapped to our backs.

It is battle hardened minds alone that can still stand to move forward in the face of adversity.

Stepping over corpse of dead dreams, moving ever forward and facing reality.

To be free is to go where no man has gone before; beyond the wall of the forbidden.

Looking beneath the veil at what is hidden.

Living dangerously.

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