On Suffering and Depravity

Many underestimate how fundamental suffering is to life. No matter which side of life you find yourself on, whether good or evil, right or wrong, the black or the red; suffering will be there. The suffering of excess or the suffering of depravity.

There are those who have less than one needs to manage life and there are those who have in excess than they can manage in life. Both suffer but differently. One under the constraints of depravity, the other under the weight of excess.

The ones amoung us who have seen the scale of life do not seek an escape from suffering. Rather they seek to gain the freedom of choosing the kind of suffering they are willing to endure. It is better on the spirit to suffer by your own choices than to be condemned by fate. In the former, one plays the great game of life while in the latter one is played by life.

Those who have risen to the challenge and come into themselves sees no greater or lesser type of suffering in whether one suffers in excess or suffers in depravity. In either case, it will be an unpleasant experience, you will suffer. Rather, the challenge is to see beyond your suffering and make it worth the unpleasantness. To not just merely accept suffering but seek it out as if in search of a Dragon guarding a great treasure. For beyong that suffering lies a reward. But also we wise enough to know that Dragons detest raiders and you might die in the fires of life trying to attain what you cannot.

Your power lies in seeing the pathways to suffering ahead and choosing which to run towards. It is in that choice that one unburdens themself. Unburdend from the weight of suffering as a problem of life to be solved. On the other hand, you become like a happy Sisyphus, rolling his bolder up the hill. Sisyphus could not be anything else but happy since that task was his reward for what he did in life as King. Sisyphus choose his suffering, so should you.

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