F*ck Average

If you found yourself in the middle of nowhere and you were starving, would you look for food for a couple hours and then give up? If your life depended on doing something, would you do it? No matter how much it hurt, how badly you wanted to rest, how bitter and disillusioned you were?

Well, your life does depend on what you do each and every single day.

Failure is the default. Failure to act, failure to plan, failure to learn from your mistakes, failure to adapt to new circumstances.

The struggle most often face isn’t a struggle against life but a struggle to act. It is the struggle not to simply lie down and die when starving. That struggle isn’t one against life, it is not life that’s starves you but rather it’s the struggle for life. It is life that is being starved. Starved into placidity and inactivity. Starved to death.

To be average is to go half way. To find yourself somewhere in between inactivity and activity. There is no average in death, one is simply dead. Likewise there is no average in life, one is simply born. Living on the other hand happens in between this birth and death. In living that’s where we find averages; the half way journeys, the just enough.

You see life is like an empty room. Stepping into that room represents birth; leaving it, death. But life is empty, that’s why it offers no resistance. That’s why one doesn’t struggle against life. Life is merely a vessel. The space in your cup. Living however is, filling that room, putting something in that cup. Something, anything, it’s really up to you. Living your life depends on doing something. To do nothing is the default, to leave just as you entered. To do only a little or to do alot, it all averages out in the end.

Fuck Average! Some of us in living do not choose to leave an emptiness in life. Going half way is not an option. For someone must test the limits of life. How much can the room contain, how much can the cup hold?

An empty life is like a starving belly. One doesn’t just give up, you either find food to satiate your hunger or die of starvation. Those of us who says fuck average, are invigorated by those odds. Our struggle to act with every action inches us closer to something and further away from nothing. To say fuck averages doest have to mean lofty goals but merely an assertion not to settle for inaction. Every moment in life is a moment to act, to plan, to learn, to adapt.

See Original Post by Cristian Mihai

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